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Fund Raising Events 2012

Once again, landlords John and Mary Rickard, the staff and regulars at the Blue Anchor pub in Fraddon have raised a magnificent sum with their ongoing raffles and Euchre Drives.  This year they have donated over £1,000 to the Fund and we are very grateful for all their efforts and generosity.  Incidentally, if you are not familiar with Euchre, it is a card game played with 25 cards (the Nines and upwards of each suit plus the "Benny", which is usually either the Two of Spades or a Joker).  It is a form of Whist for two teams of two players, where the object is to win as many hands or "tricks" as possible.  If you are ever in the Fraddon area, call into the Blue Anchor and they will be happy to explain the game to you.  Just one word of warning - Adam's family are outrageous hustlers so don't play them for money!

It was eyes down at Indian Queens once again, for more of Pam and Richard Best's hotly anticipated Bingo Evenings.  So far this year, they have raised over £1,600.  The Bingo Evenings have been one of the Fund's most consistent sources of income over the years and we would like to thank Pam and Richard (Adam's paternal grandparents) as well as all those who have donated prizes, helped out or attended any of the sessions.


Local travel firm J K Coaches held a raffle for customers during their annual Christmas trip which raised over £60 for Adam's Fund.  Thanks go to everyone who participated either by running the raffle or by purchasing tickets.