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William is Adam's big brother.  Here he gives us his own very personal view on life with his brother.

Adam (in Boots and Bar) and William (pictured in 2009)

Hello.  My name is William George and I am going to tell you about my brother, Adam George.


Adam was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and arthrogryposis, which means that his muscles don't work properly and his joints are very stiff.  He has had lots of surgery on his hips and his feet and has spent lots of time in plaster.  He isn't likely to walk and he has a powered wheelchair.


There is a lot more to Adam than just his problems.  He is small and stubborn and he likes cakes.  He calls me "Mimmin" and I find that there is no similarity to my name at all but talking is hard for Adam so we are pleased with everything he says.

 My Brother, by William George


Adam is actually quite a normal child.  He likes sweets, playing, swings and slides and going on the rides at Flambards.  He even went on the roller coaster last year to be like me.


I hope I have told you something that you didn't know about Adam before.  Thank you for reading my page on this website.  I hope you enjoyed it.