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An article about Adam and his fund appeared in the West Briton on Thursday 21 August 2008.  Many thanks to Julian Ridge and all at the West Briton for their support.  To read the article online, click here.



The Adam George Fund has received several major boosts since its inception, including


·        A significant grant from the charity Caudwell Children towards the cost of Adam's Snapdragon wheelchair

·        A donation of £1,000 from the Camborne, Redruth and District Lions Club

·        A donation of £1,000 from a company that wishes to remain anonymous

·        Several successful fund-raising events - for more details, please visit our Fundraising page.



Thanks to these donations and many more, The Adam George Fund raised enough to cover the cost of the primary piece of equipment Adam needs to improve his quality of life – a powered wheelchair.  The chair, a Snapdragon model manufactured by Dragon Mobility, has been tailored to suit Adam's particular needs and cost a little over £18,000.  We travelled to Cambridge to pick it up just before Christmas 2008, with the generous assistance of the Camborne, Redruth and District Lions Club who not only made a donation towards the cost of the chair, but then made a separate donation towards travel costs for collecting it. 


Adam in Snapdragon


We spent an enjoyable morning with Dan Everard, his daughter Ruth and the dedicated Dragon team, as they fine-tuned the Snapdragon to Adams's requirements and took us through its features.  They warned us not to expect too much too soon, as mastering the chair is the equivalent of learning to walk and requires patience and practice.  The story of how Ruth's condition led Dan to design his first chair and subsequently form Dragon Mobility is a truly inspiring one - to read it, click here.

At the moment Adam is spending up to an hour in the Snapdragon every day.  We started off doing this inside the house, but he managed to get himself jammed between our kitchen units and the wall, so now he uses the chair on our driveway and garden.  It is so touching to see him do things like pluck a leaf from a hedge - a simple act that would be impossible for him without the chair.  Our Photo Gallery page has been updated with some pictures of Adam in his Snapdragon.



In November 2008 we took Adam to see the neuromuscular team at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, where he was examined by several doctors, including Professor Francesco Muntoni, one of the country's leading experts in paediatric neuromuscular conditions.  Although a full diagnosis has not yet been made and indeed may never be, the Professor advised that Adam's symptoms had only been reported in 29 other children across the country over the last 10 years.



In December 2008 we took Adam to the Brainwave clinic in Bridgwater which specialises in helping children with physical difficulties.  After a thorough assessment of his condition, spread over two days, they devised a daily exercise programme for him with the aim of improving his physical capabilities and we are already seeing small changes in his abilities.  He will have regular follow-up sessions at the clinic throughout 2009. 

So many of the things we have been able to do for Adam would not have been possible without the support of so many people and we would like to thank, with all our hearts, everyone who has contributed their money, their time and their energy to aid our dear son.